Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Saves Money

Equipment failure can be costly – and dangerous! Prevent unnecessary production loss and safety violations with regular maintenance programs from the professional electrical technicians at Fleming Electric. We maintain the highest standards of safety in the industry – and you can trust our team to keep your operation running smoothly!

Whether you have a maintenance program in place or aren’t sure where to start, we can help! Our electrical experts will review your plan or help you design the most efficient preventative and performance maintenance program possible. We start by researching your specific needs and the needs of your electrical and mechanical equipment to make sure that you’re protected with equipment deterioration recording, activity testing, fluid measurements, seasonal weather adjustments, and part/component replacement.

Regular maintenance leads to increased cost effectiveness, machine uptime, and risk mitigation. Our experts can help in any industry and at any stage in a system’s life cycle – from planning for brand-new machines to identifying a timeline to retire aging equipment. Our first priority is the health and safety of our team and yours – you can trust your systems to Fleming Electric.

Industrial electrical and mechanical systems are complex and potentially dangerous, especially when they aren’t maintained properly. We can help you identify and reduce risk factors – even if it means identifying new systems or machines to keep your workspace safe and efficient. Our maintenance program and risk assessments often reduce costs even when a system needs replacement by avoiding unexpected downtime in production and emergency replacement. Of course, the health, safety, and environmental impact of your operation and the team that makes your business run are our highest priority.

Contact us today to begin a maintenance program or for more information on how we can help keep your operations running smoothly, safely, and efficiently!