Arc Flash Studies

Powerful Systems Require Powerful Safety Standards

Arc Flash Hazards present increasing challenges across all industries. Trust the experts at Fleming Electric to keep your team safe – and your power systems compliant! Whether you’re just starting a new project or are in a long-established building or work environment, understanding the Arc Flash Hazard is crucial for your continued success.

The National Electrical Code requires Arc Flash equipment warning labels. If your electrical equipment isn’t properly labeled, we can help! Our experts perform Arc Flash studies in all industries and provide up-to-date warning labels to keep your team in compliance.

These Arc Flash studies may even be required for your business by National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) standards.

Our electrical experts can help you understand what safety standards your business is required to operate and advise on the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for electrical and other workers. We adhere strictly to the NFPA70E – and we can help you understand them for better compliance!

All equipment presents some risk, but improperly installed or aging equipment can present a great risk for Arc Flash Energy or potential faults in your electrical systems. Our experts will examine all of your equipment, calculating the Arc Flash Energy and potential risks and producing detailed warning labels and PPE plans to keep your workforce safe and informed!

Complex safety standards and requirements can be intimidating – but they’re crucial to keep your people and your investments safe and working. Our expertise with Arc Flash and other safety concerns means you can stay focused on your enterprise while your trusted partners at Fleming provide the peace of mind knowing your workplace is safe and sound. We maintain our own equipment and constantly invest in the training and continuing education of our inspectors and technicians.

Not sure where to start considering your Arc Flash or potential fault risks? Some common factors are:

  • Circuit breaker trip settings
  • Using Motor Circuit Protectors “MCPs” as feeder breakers
  • Under-rated or improperly sized fuses and circuit breakers
  • Under-rated Motor Control Center “MCC” buss bracing 
  • Under-rated MCC starters and feeder breakers
  • Under-rated Switchgear, Switchboards, and Panel boards

Don’t leave the safety of your workforce or compliance with national safety standards up to chance! Trust the electrical experts that have been serving across dozens of industries and all over the country since 1977. You can rely on us for a job done right the first time – and right on time! We maintain our own equipment and our own team of experts to complete your study quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to discuss your Arc Flash and other electrical safety risk factors or for a quote on an Arc Flash Study.