Emergency Services

Count On Us

Emergencies rarely happen during business hours. Fleming Electric maintains Emergency Service Teams ready to respond to any call and meet our clients’ needs 24/7/365. System failures during emergencies or crises can be dangerous and costly – put your trust in our expert technicians to safely and quickly repair damage and bring systems operations back online!

Experiencing a power/electrical emergency now?

Call (501) 847-3090 and our emergency-response teams will leap into action to help you recover. You’ll be connected within minutes to an Emergency Team Leader to gather all the information needed to allocate the appropriate resources and manage your emergency response.

Our Emergency Teams have access to the right tools, materials, generators, and equipment to restore power quickly and safely! Multiple supply depots ensure that those tools are close at hand when you’re experiencing an emergency – no matter where you are! Our professional technicians and experienced project managers are with you every step of the way to a quick recovery that limits risks to human safety and business productivity during an emergency or crisis.

Our Emergency Teams are trained to respond to emergencies and crises with the appropriate protective equipment and life safety gear – and, most importantly, Fleming’s commitment to safety for everyone involved. These times in your business can expose you and your team to great risk, but the experts at Fleming Electric can ensure a safe recovery to full operation of any failed system.

For more information on emergency preparedness or to speak with us about our emergency services, contact us today!